The Ultimate Crystal Skull Buying Guide

five crystal skulls

How to buy your perfect Crystal Skull

Crystal Skulls are amazing tools for spiritual growth and healing. When a crystal is carved into the shape of a skull, it becomes a powerful tool for transformation. If you feel drawn to the Crystal Skulls, they have come into your life for a reason. In this guide, I’ll share everything you need to know about buying your perfect Crystal Skull.

“You don’t choose your Crystal Skull, but the Crystal Skull chooses you”

You have probably heard people say this. Although there is some truth in this, I don’t totally agree with it. We all have a free will, and we are responsible for our own choices and decisions. Although, sometimes, we can feel such a strong attraction and connection to a Crystal Skull, that it is hard to resist its call, and it feels like we don’t have a choice. But we always do! We all have the freedom to make our own choices. 



“Intuition is that gut feeling when you instinctively know that something you are doing is right or wrong”


Crystal Skulls are powerful metaphysical tools, and like choosing any metaphysical tool, when buying a Crystal Skull, your intuition plays an important part. You can research all you want, but in the end of the day, your personal connection with the skull is the thing that really matters. And this personal connection can only be felt when we use our intuition. My main advice is: trust your intuition, and follow your heart! 


Follow your Heart
Follow your Heart

How do you feel when you see a picture of a Crystal Skull, or when you handle it? Do should feel an attraction to it? Does it fill you with energy, joy, or other sensations? Take some time, and look at it again later to see if you still feel the same. If you can’t get it out of your head, it will probably be the right skull for you. Sometimes you can even feel it communicating with you at first sight, or it can tell you its name. You may even see a skull in your minds eye or dream about it before you find it. In these cases, it might be the right time to go on a Crystal Skull Quest.



Crystal skulls come in all different shapes, sizes, and stones. Some are less than an inch in size, while others are life-sized, or even larger. They are all unique, and just like us human beings, they too have different personalities, energies, and qualities. In this chapter, I will dive into the various physical aspects of the Crystal Skulls, and how those aspects can give you some more guidance in selecting your perfect skull.

“It is not the size of a man, but the size of his heart that matters”

When it comes to Crystal Skulls, size does matter! In general, the larger a Crystal Skull is, the more energy it can receive, store, and transmit. Does this mean that you should always buy the biggest skull? No, it means that you should select the size that is best for your intended use. If you want a Crystal Skull to hold in your hands during your meditations, or to take with you in your pocket or your purse, you should select a small to medium size that will be comfortable to hold or take with you. If you want the skull to protect or energize a room or a larger area, it is better to buy a larger Crystal Skull. Think about what you want to do with the skull, and you will find the right size.

Sometimes a smaller skull can be more powerful than a larger one. The power of a Crystal Skull depends on lots of different things. Some crystals are stronger than others, and also the quality of the crystal that was used influences the energy of a skull. There are a lot of mass-produced Crystal Skulls that tend to look very similar and lack either detail or individuality. The best Crystal Skulls are carved by hand by carvers that feel a conscious connection with the skulls. This is why we only work with local carvers that we personally know, and we cherry-pick all our skulls. After almost 25 years of working with Crystal Skulls, we know what we are doing. 

Conclusion: size matters, but bigger is not always better.

Does size matter?
Does size matter?


Crystal skulls come in lots of different shapes and styles. Different crystal shapes emit different energies, and the shape of a crystal also affect the way we receive those energies. A Crystal Skull can be compared to a door key. Different keys open different doors. Another interesting comparison is that with a tuning fork. If you strike a tuning fork, it starts vibrating in a specific vibration. If you strike a tuning fork and other tuning forks are in the area, only those tuned to the same frequency will start to vibrate. All the other tuning forks will remain silent, they won’t react. Crystal Skulls work this way too. This is why choosing your Crystal Skull is a very personal process. One person can feel a very strong connection with a skull, while another person feels nothing with that exact same skull. It is all about connection and attunement.

A dragon skull has a different vibration and attunement than a human skull or an alien skull. Each skull shape has its own qualities and properties. The key in choosing your type of Crystal Skull is INTUITION. If you feel drawn to a certain style or shape of skull, it is because you resonate with it. If you are looking for a Crystal Skull for a specific purpose, one style might be better fitting than another. When you want to connect with extraterrestrial energies or civilizations, an alien style skull, or a traveler skull might be the right choice for you. When you want to connect with the knowledge of ancient cultures or past lives, a regular Crystal Skull, or an elongated head skull might be the better choice. Choosing a Crystal Skull shape that combines with your intention will enhance and magnify your transformation. I’ll write another, more in dept, article about this subject one day, but again your intuition is key!  

Golden Healer Traveler Skull
Golden Healer Traveler Skull


You can find Crystal Skulls in almost every kind of crystal or gemstone that exists. The most traditional stones to carve skulls from are the various quartzes like clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, citrine, and amethyst. But there are lots of others stones used too. If you are looking to buy a Crystal Skull for a specific purpose, you could search the internet for the best matching gemstone for this purpose. Or if you feel a strong attraction to a certain Crystal Skull, you could look up the metaphysical properties of that stone, to get more understanding about what could be the reason that you resonate with that specific Crystal Skull at this current point in time.

One thing that I learned during my 25 years of Crystal Skull work, is that in general, it is best to choose stone types that are found in the geographical region (country) of the skull carver. A Brazilian stone is best carved by a Brazilian skull carver, an Indian stone by an Indian carver, and a Chinese stone by a Chinese carver. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is a good rule of thumb.

Clear Quartz Crystal Skull
Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls are the most common.


Your budget is another factor that can influence your decision-making when buying a Crystal Skull. Following basic economic rules, the sales price is determined by the cost price for the seller, and the markup percentage they use. If the seller buys in big quantities, and buys directly from the carvers, his cost price is probably a lot lower than for a seller that buys smaller quantities from resellers or wholesalers. This is one reason why Minas Minerals Brazil only buys directly from the carvers, and we develop long time relationships with local Brazilian skull carvers.

The most common way of pricing Crystal Skulls in the trade is price per weight (price per kg). Prices are determined by various factors, like weight, quality and detail of the carving, and the type and quality of the stone that was used. Larger skulls can be more expensive per weight too, because high quality rough stones in larger sizes are rarer, thus more expensive. Which carver made the skull can also make a difference. Some well-known carvers are very popular, so you will pay a premium for their skulls just because of their name.


It can be hard to buy a Crystal Skull based on some pictures or video’s only. Especially when some sellers edit their pictures to make the skull look better than it is in reality, or if they are hiding damages or defects. To avoid disappointment, always look at all pictures carefully. Does the seller post pictures from all angles? Are the pictures in high resolution so you can clearly see any imperfections? Does the white background of that awesome Amethyst Crystal Skull have a blue/purple hue? Or are the colors extremely saturated? These are signals that the seller is bumping up the colors by making the skull look better than it is! If you have any doubts, contact the seller and ask for more pictures or videos! A trustworthy seller that cares about happy customers will always do this for you. If the seller is not willing to do this, it is another red flag!

Life-size star rose quartz skull
A detailed picture of one of our life-size skulls


When we started selling Crystal Skulls in 2008, there were not many people selling skulls. There were only a handful of sellers, most of them using Ebay. With the rising popularity of the Crystal Skulls, and the ease of starting a website, or opening an online marketplace account, this changed a lot in recent years. The Crystal Skulls are everywhere now! You can’t walk into a small metaphysical shop without seeing at least a couple of Crystal Skulls for sale. A simple search on Etsy or eBay, returns hundreds of results. I just did a quick search for “Crystal Skulls” on Etsy, and got over 20,000 results! You can be sure that not all those sellers are really passionate about the skulls, or personally work with them. Let alone have a deeper understanding and knowledge about them. Without this connection / attunement, the chances are that their skulls don’t have the same energy and quality as the skulls selected by a seller that really understands the skulls and feels a deeper connection with them. This is why I recommend looking for more established sellers, or sellers that personally work with Crystal Skulls on an energetic level. There are several sellers that have been selling Crystal Skulls for decades, and/or are known for personally working with skulls. For them (and for me) Crystal Skulls aren’t objects. They are Beings!



There are several online forums and Facebook groups where people are offering their personal Crystal Skulls for sale. People can have various reasons for selling. It might be personal/financial reasons, someone can lose interest in working with skulls, or someone can feel that the skull served its purpose, and it is now time for it to move on to the next caretaker. Or maybe they bought a skull online, but didn’t feel a connection with it. Sometimes it is hard to select the right Crystal Skull just by seeing some pictures on a website. 


If you are the type of person that finds it hard to buy a Crystal Skull without seeing and feeling it in person, it might be a good idea to visit a brick-and-mortar shop where you can personally see and feel the skull. Nowadays, most metaphysical shops are selling at least some Crystal Skulls. The choice might be more limited though, and the prices will probably be a lot higher than on the internet, but you will avoid the risk of ending up buying a skull that you don’t feel a connection with. 

Gemshow display
A part of our booth at an international gem show in The Netherlands


When buying a Crystal Skull online, you should always check out the “Returns and Refund Policies” of a seller or marketplace. What happens when you don’t like the Crystal Skull that you received? Do they accept returns? How many days do you have to return it? Who pays the return shipping? Especially with international shipping, the shipping costs for return shipping can be quite high. This is why it is better to contact the seller if you have any doubts. A good and trusted seller will give you more information, send you more pictures or video’s of the skull, and help you find your perfect Crystal Skull! They will do everything to take away your doubts or resolve any problem that might arise.



It is impossible to cover every single aspect of the Crystal skull, and the buying process. In this guide, I tried to cover the main aspects to consider when buying a Crystal Skull. In the end, it is all about energy, and this is why using your intuition is the most important part. Intuition is a superpower, but also a natural ability that we all possess. Open your heart and mind, and make a heart connection with the Crystal Skull through the pictures. Watch your thoughts and feelings to see how you react to the skull, and you will know if this is the right skull for you or not.


As a bonus, I will share a simple technique that can help you connect with a Crystal Skull.

Take a slow, deep inhale for five seconds, and then a slow, deep exhale for five seconds. Repeat this three to five times while focusing on your root chakra, and your connection to the ground and your chair.

Continue your deep inhales and exhales, but now move your focus to your heart chakra. Now move your attention to the Crystal Skull in the picture and look deep into its eyes, while keeping a part of your attention in your heart chakra. Feel the Unconditional Love. The love without judgment, without expectations, without conditions! Just like the love you can feel for a baby or a pet.  

Be aware of any feelings and thoughts that may arise. Don’t try to “grab” them or understand them, but just let them flow through you and be an observer. Stay in this moment as long as you want, and when you feel it is enough, you can slowly move your attention and breathing back to your root chakra and your feet, and take some time to integrate your experiences.

After this meditation, you will probably have a better understanding of that skull and your connection with it. You can also use this meditation to connect with your own Crystal Skulls.